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Hard Shell Quarters
Hard Shell 2
Hard Shell Chix
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Maine Lobsters
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Hard Shell Chix
Hard Shell Chix
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Your Price: $9.34
Hard Shell Quarters
Hard Shell Quarters
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Your Price: $12.31
Hard Shell Halves
Hard Shell Halves
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Hard Shell 1 3/4
Hard Shell 1 3/4
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Hard Shell 2
Hard Shell 2
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Hard Shell 2 1/2
Hard Shell 2 1/2
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Hard Shell 3
Hard Shell 3
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Hard Shell 4
Hard Shell 4
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Three Sons Lobster & Fish carries live Maine Lobster year 'round
and boasts the lowest overall Maine Lobster price per pound!

Hard Shell Lobsters have more meat than Soft Shells, and can last 24-36 hours out of water.
Soft Shell Lobsters last 6-8 hours out of water, have a sweeter taste and the meat is more tender.
Soft Shells must be Fully Cooked before shipping or traveling long-distance.

Lobsters are divided by Hard-Shell and Soft-Shell, and then by size.
(Please note: Culls are a by-product and there is no guarantee of availability)



Hard Shell

Soft Shell

Culls (no guarantee of availability)
(1 claw- weight varies)



(1.0 to 1.2 lbs)




(1.21 to 1.35 lbs)



(1.36 to 1.7 lbs)



(1.71 to 4.5 lbs)



These prices are current as of

06/23/2012 (last price change).
The lobster prices are subject to change according to Market Costs.

Three Sons Lobster & Fish does not guarantee lobster price quotes.
If an order is placed in advance of the shipping date
you will be charged for the price of seafood the day the shipping order goes out,
unless you pay in person the day the order is taken.

If you place an order in advance and the price increases
(more than $10 over what you were expecting)
we will contact you before processing your order.

The lobsters prices above are per pound.
For Online Ordering purposes prices are per lobster,
the poundage already calculated.

Why is there a price difference between the Lobster price per pound and the Online Ordering price? 
The lobster prices for Online Ordering have been calculated from the prices listed in the middle of this page. Meaning a pound and half lobster at $8.00 per pound would look like it is $13.60 per lobster- 1.7 lbs (the max weight for "Halves") by the current price per pound. The calculated prices help with making online ordering an easy process, by giving you the maximum dollar amount that your order will cost. If you use your credit card online or over the phone, you are charged the actual weight- not the per lobster price- so expect your total to be less! 

Can you explain the full-cook option for travel and shipping?
Hard-Shell Lobsters live 24-36 hours out of water, and Soft-Shells live about 6-8 hours out of water. Let's say you want to pick up your lobsters (or have them shipped), but know you will cook and eat them over the recommended time to keep the lobsters live. Full-cooking is certainly the way to go in this situation! If we full-cook your lobsters before packing for travel or shipping, this gives you an additional 24-36 hours before you would need to finish the cooking process. You MUST keep the lobsters cold! The gel packs in the packing/shipping boxes help keep the lobsters and seafood cold for about 24-36 hours, so it is imperative that you get the entire box, or take the lobsters and seafood out of the box, and get them in your fridge as soon as possible! There will be a sticker on the packing/shipping box reminding you to do this, and appropriate cooking instructions will be inside your box as well. Of course, if we are open, we are here to answer any questions you might have!

Shipping can only be calculated after you have items in your shopping cart. Destination zip code is required for shipping quote.

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