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Packing for Travel


Three Sons Lobster & Fish offers packaging for walk-in customers, as well as shipping customers. The packaging we use for shipping and sell to walk-in customers are sturdy and reusable. Customers are also welcome to bring their own packaging such as coolers. Three Sons Lobster & Fish carries frozen gel packs to keep the Lobsters and seafood cool. This is essential regardless of the distance the product is being carried.

How We Pack Lobsters

When we pack lobsters or seafood to ship or travel to any location it is packed in a Styrofoam container with frozen gel packs placed on the bottom. Newspaper soaked in fresh salt water is placed on top of the gel packs. The Lobster and other seafood products are then situated in the box with more wet newspaper laid over the top. More gel packs are then placed on top with a Styrofoam cover and the entire package is then put in a cardboard box which is taped and secured.

Take Out Packaging Costs
3 lb Carrier- $8.75
5 lb Carrier - $10.75
10 lb Carrier - $12.75
20 lb Container - $14.75
30 lb Container - $16.75
40 lb Container - $18.75
50 lb Container - $20.75

 These prices are for cooler boxes and gel packs only, and do not include the cost of seafood.
These are not shipping prices.

Can you explain the full-cook option for travel and shipping?
Hard-Shell Lobsters live 24-36 hours out of water, and Soft-Shells live about 6-8 hours out of water. Let's say you want to pick up your lobsters (or have them shipped), but know you will cook and eat them over the recommended time to keep the lobsters live. Full-cooking is certainly the way to go in this situation! If we full-cook your lobsters before packing for travel or shipping, this gives you an additional 24-36 hours before you would need to finish the cooking process. You MUST keep the lobsters cold! The gel packs in the packing/shipping boxes help keep the lobsters and seafood cold for about 24-36 hours, so it is imperative that you get the entire box, or take the lobsters and seafood out of the box, and get them in your fridge as soon as possible! There will be a sticker on the packing/shipping box reminding you to do this, and appropriate cooking instructions will be inside your box as well. Of course, if we are open, we are here to answer any questions you might have!

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